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Providing fora for discussion on intrastate conflict and resolution

Kreddha provides opportunities for stakeholders to discuss intrastate conflicts. The object of these discussions is to increase the understanding and knowledge of intrastate conflicts and to explore creative ways to prevent, manage and resolve them. Kreddha convenes roundtables for actors in specific conflicts, in order to empower and assist them in their difficult task of finding appropriate solutions and handling specific problems related to their conflict situation. It hosts conferences where people can share their experiences and where common problems and challenges can be discussed in ways that permits participants to learn and benefit from one another. Kreddha organizes seminars to which it invites diverse groups of participants, including stakeholders, with the object of stimulating creative thinking with respect to specific conflict situations or thematic issues. Always, the interaction between affected people and 'outsiders' to particular conflicts is sought in order to encourage the development of new ideas and to stimulate creative thought processes and explore new avenues for the prevention and resolution of intrastate conflicts.  

With respect to all these fora Kreddha seizes the opportunity to draw lessons from the experience of stakeholders and from their perceptions of what is important in intrastate conflicts, their prevention and resolution. This is then shared with NGOs, grassroots movements, diplomats, politicians and researchers. Kreddha maintains the principle that all stakeholders should contribute to the global debate on peaceful transformation and conflict prevention. Today the terms of that discussion are largely set by state governments, the western media and 'outside' experts. It is crucial that the ideas, concerns, aspirations and fears of population groups are also heard and that all stakeholders become partners in the debate and in crafting new approaches and solutions.