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Conflict prevention, resolution and peace implementation

Kreddha recognizes the increasing pressure on states for change, for greater popular participation in government and for the accommodation of the diverse interests of distinct population groups within their borders. It is dedicated to the exploration and promotion of constructive ways to bring about peaceful transformation that responds to the interests of all parties and in doing so helps the prevention of (violent) conflicts.
When resolving an armed conflict, a new situation must be created that satisfies the interests of all parties in line with new realities on the ground.

Kreddha – when asked -assists in initiating dialogue, facilitates that dialogue, empowers parties to negotiate satisfactory agreements and assists wherever necessary in the peace implementation phase. Its guiding principles are that the creation and implementation of the new situation must be undertaken in a culturally appropriate manner that acknowledges the legitimate interests of all parties and that provides the conditions for reconciliation and a positive long term influence on peace in the region.