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Advisory services and training

It is now well established that the best results for all parties in negotiation processes, but also generally in conflict resolution and prevention, are obtained when all parties are well versed in the principles and skills of conflict resolution and negotiation, and when they possess or have access to the necessary knowledge and expertise to craft agreements that satisfy their interests. Where the difference in capacity between parties is very large, it is unlikely that lasting agreements will emerge. This is because such differences tend to make it difficult for the weaker party to ensure that its interests are well taken care of. 

Kreddha believes that building the capacity of all parties is in everyone's long term best interest. For this reason, Kreddha provides advisory services and training on:

  • conflict resolution and negotiation,
  • the design and substance of negotiated agreements (including cease fire agreements, autonomy arrangements, provisions for referenda and minority protection regimes),
  • issues related to the implementation of agreements.

These services are available to all parties. Kreddha is non-partisan, and believes in capacity building as a means of promoting lasting solutions and durable peace.